For Clients

In order for a client to receive food and/or clothing help from Basics Bank they must be issued with a voucher from one of our referral agents. We have many referral agents who issue our vouchers to people in need when they think it is appropriate. Social workers, health visitors, doctors, community workers, shelters, drop-ins, Probation, Citizens Advice, No Limits, Housing Associations, Charities, Churches and others.

Once a client has been issued with a voucher, either electronically through our online system or given a paper voucher, they can redeem it for food help at any of our Basics Bank Food venues, on any day that they are open. For clothes help however, in order to maximise client choice, we have one Clothes Basics Bank open only on Wednesdays at Ascension Church. See Basics Bank page for details.

We are an emergency food and clothing project, providing help for people to get through short-term crises, emergencies and problems that they encounter. We are not able to provide help for people on a long term basis and do not wish clients to develop any kind of dependency on our service. As such, in conversation and cooperation with our referral agents, we reserve the right to refuse food or clothing from any clients we feel are either abusing our service or becoming unhealthily dependent upon it.

For Referral Agents

If your group, agency, charity or church wishes to become one of our referral agents you need to fill out our online Registration Form. As well as giving us your contact details this will enable you to choose how you wish to issue vouchers to clients, either:

If you wish to use our Online Portal to issue vouchers to clients, you will receive your vouchers for free, at SCM’s discretion, and be allocated them through the online system*. When using an e-voucher the clients whom you refer do not need a physical paper voucher in their hands to attend a Basics Bank, although you can choose to print them a physical copy of their e-voucher if it is helpful.

Paper vouchers
If you wish to use offline pre-printed paper vouchers they are purchased by referral agents for 50 pence each in bundles of 25 vouchers at a time. They are still issued by you to the clients free of charge! The small cost on the paper vouchers to the referral agent is to cover our administrative costs in printing and posting the vouchers out to you. When issuing a paper voucher the referral agent MUST ring Basics Bank BEFORE issuing the voucher to check client eligibility.

It is the referral agent’s responsibility to assess the client’s situation and to ascertain if they are in genuine need of emergency food and/or clothing provision or not.



* The Online Referral system has been tested on following browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11. It will not work on versions of Internet Explorer v8 or lower.

Basics Bank
venues and times

Monday 10am-3pm
Food – Above Bar Church, Ogle Road

Tuesday 10am-3pm
Food – St Mary's Church, St Monica Road, Sholing

Wednesday 10am-3pm
Food – Old Chemist, Bitterne Triangle Clothes – Ascension Church, Bitterne Park

Thursday 10am-3pm
Food – Swaythling Methodist Church, Burgess Road

Friday 10am-3pm
Food – Lord's Hill Church, Lordshill District Centre

Contact: 07929 641755