Clothes Bank

Clothes Bank

In the same way as our food banks, our clothes bank works through our referral agents and the same voucher system. The same voucher can entitle clients and their families to food and/or clothes, depending on their needs.

We have kept the clothes bank to only one venue in the city deliberately in order to maximise the stock and therefore the choice for our clients.

We set out all the clothes on rails and in cabinets so that clients can then ‘shop’ at their own pace, selecting and trying on clothes and shoes.

In order to distribute clothes in a fair way to as many people as possible, we have a rough rule of thumb of four outfits of clothes per person. If we are very short of an item e.g. men’s shoes we may further limit the amount that each client can take.

As with our food supplies, all of our clothes are donated by the public. Any of these clothes which are unsuitable, dirty or in a poor condition are sold on to a textile recycling firm. Any bedding, towels and similar household linen is passed on to our sister charity SCRATCH for them to give away to those in need.

Please see our donation pages to find out how you can donate clothes to our projects.

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Basics Bank
venues and times

Monday 10am-3pm
Food – Above Bar Church, Ogle Road

Tuesday 10am-3pm
Food – St Mary's Church, St Monica Road, Sholing

Wednesday 10am-3pm
Food – Old Chemist, Bitterne Triangle Clothes – Ascension Church, Bitterne Park

Thursday 10am-3pm
Food – Swaythling Methodist Church, Burgess Road

Friday 10am-3pm
Food – Lord's Hill Church, Lordshill District Centre

Contact: 07929 641755